The Last Clinic - Character Sample - Miriam

Director: Maisie Crow
Co-Director: Christina Clusiau 

Synopsis:  Mississippi’s Pro-Life Movement has successfully sponsored laws that have forced the closure of 13 abortion clinics, now only one remains. At the same time, Pro- Life funded Crisis Pregnancy Centers are opening at a rapid rate with one goal — to bring every pregnancy to conception. THE LAST CLINIC is the story of the women in Mississippi who are in need of reproductive health services and often caught in the battle over access to care. It’s the story of the people determined to end abortion in Mississippi and those who are desperately working to keep the last clinic open.

Miriam, 21, grew up in a household where abortion was immoral and sex was never discussed. After growing up with the understanding that abortion was wrong, Miriam was faced with one herself. We met Miriam when she came to Jackson Women’s Health Organization for her abortions and post-op appointments. We follow her through what we thought would be a journey of self-reflection with an intention to engage in safer sex practices, instead, a few months later, she called to say she was pregnant again.